Hopefully I've already answered most of your questions - if not please check out the sections below for more info.

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General Advice

Bookings can be made by emailing me or sending a message on WhatsApp on 07931 756061.

Payment for appointments at the studio is via cash on the day, or bank transfer. All booking fees and final balance for bridal or special occasion appointments are by bank transfer only.

All make up and beauty appointments are done from my dedicated home salon room off Upper Deacon Road, SO19. If you would like me to travel to your location for your makeup or hair appointment please see the options available under Bridal and Special Occasion services.

Please arrive to your appointment on time, especially if you are having multiple services or need to be finished by a specific time. Late arrival may results in your service having to be shortened or in extreme circumstances cancelled if there is not enough time to complete your service in the remaining time

There is free on-road parking outside the house, and during the day Tues-Fri you can park on the driveway if you prefer


Bridal and Special Occasion

Do you travel for wedding parties and events?

I am happy to travel to your venue on the day of your bridal, special occasion or group booking. All travel time and costs within a 20 mile radius of my home studio is included in the cost of your booking. After 20 miles there is a charge of 45p per mile to extra fuel and time. Makeup and hair trials are hosted at my home salon due to the kit and equipment required, this will then be streamlined for your event itself once I know the looks we’re doing. If your venue is over an hour each way in travel time please discuss before confirming your booking.


How do I make a bridal or special occasion booking?

Stage One - Enquiry

Please send an email or WhatsApp message to discuss what you are looking for for your special occasion, including your date and location. If you would like me to send you a written quote for your booking just let me know

Stage Two – Securing Your Date

Once I have confirmed availability and you are happy with your booking details I send you a Booking Confirmation including your booking details, terms and conditions and personal reference. At this point I take a booking fee which confirms your booking and secures your wedding date in the diary, usually £25, or £25 per artist if you are booking more than one person. At this point you can also book your trial date, or if you are booking a long way in advance, can choose to leave your trial date as TBC. If you are booking a special occasion appointment just for yourself and do not with to have a trial, a 15% deposit will be taken in lieu of the £25 booking fee.

Stage Three – Your Trial and Deposit

For bridal bookings, at your trial will perfect your look as well as discuss the details for your day including any bookings for your wedding party. At this point payment will be taken for your trial (minus your booking fee), plus a 15% deposit for your wedding day.

Stage Four – Final Payment

For bridal and group bookings, payment for the remaining balance is due by bank transfer 3 working days before your wedding. Individual special occasion bookings can be made by payment on the day. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have both public liability insurance and loss and damage cover for all my kit, and I have PAT certificates for all my electrical appliances. 

How big can my bridal party be? Can you cover Large Bookings?

Absolutely! The key point with larger bookings is the time it takes to get everyone ready. As a general guide I like to allow 45 minutes per service – either makeup or hair – when I schedule the day, so bear this in mind when planning your morning. For larger groups I strongly recommend considering a second artist, particularly if you are booking for both hair and makeup, or if you are booking just one service and your bridal party are doing the rest on their own. I'm lucky to work with a number of other amazing artists that I book for your day but please note this will need to be discussed as close to your initial booking as possible in order to confirm availability. There is no additional fee for extra artists as each artist is paid for the services they perform, however in some cases there may be an additional travel charge.

Do you offer packages for wedding groups?

I don’t do set packages for hair and makeup as prices can vary depending on your needs, however I can offer discounts and group bookings for some of my beauty treatments.

What happens at a make up trial? Do I really need one?

If you are a bride then in a short answer - yes! We both want to make sure that everything goes perfectly on the day so the trial is really vital not only for deciding on your makeup look but all the planning around it. You wouldn’t walk down the aisle without trying your wedding dress on first, and your wedding makeup should be no different!

We will look at your skin type to make sure all the products are best chosen for a long lasting look, and discuss everything that plays a part in deciding your look, from your usual style to your outfit, venue, and colour scheme. Once we've done this I will apply your makeup look and make any changes needed until you are happy with the finished style. It will then be recorded with photos and a face chart, and I can make any skincare recommendations you might want in preparation for the day. We will then look at the timings of the day itself, including where you are getting ready, what time you need to be done by, and timings for any other members of the wedding party.


What about my hair, do I need a trial for that too?

If you are booking purely for bridal hair a trial is always required. If you are booking for hair and makeup, more simple styles such as waves, waterfall braids or half-up styles may not need a trial, provided I can assess your hair at your makeup trial, whereas more complex up do's are more likely to need trialling in advance. If you are booking a bridal makeup trial you can choose to either book a trial for both together, or wait until your makeup trial at which point I can assess your hair and advise whether an additional hair trial is needed. Joint trials do have a discount so of course regardless of your style if you do want to trial both at the same time to see the complete finished look, you are more than welcome to!


How far in advance should I book my trial?

For weddings and big events I usually recommend at least 6-8 weeks in advance to give you time to work with any skincare recommendations, however this date is not set in stone - I still welcome last minute bookings depending on availability! Likewise if you are booking a long way in advance I am more than happy to do your trial sooner rather than later, so you know you are happy with your booking. It is worth bearing in mind that during peak wedding season weekend availability in particular can be tight, so trials are more likely to be booked on weekdays or evenings. 


What if I change my mind on my look after I've had my trial?

It's always the prerogative of the belle of the ball to change her mind! Small changes such as lipstick or foundation shade can be accommodated on the day, or if you are simplifying a hair style, however any significant changes will likely need a new trial. If in doubt just ask!

I want to book other people in my wedding party as well – do we all need a trial?

For makeup I will always discuss at your own trial what kind of look you would like for your wedding party, and if you have any specific ideas or colours you would like used. It is up to you if you would like to book trials for your wedding party or if they'd like to book them themselves. Many brides are happy for their bridesmaids to have quite a classic look that is just applied on the day, but you know your bridal party best!

If you feel like anyone in your wedding party might be nervous about having their makeup done or have a specific look in mind I would always say - if in doubt trial it out! Remember that on the day there will be timings and schedules that we will need to stick to so if you think anyone will want more than a classic look or want to test it in advance please do so, as there may not be time to make alterations on the day.

Hair trials for wedding party members are the same as for the bride – more simple styles can often be done without a trial as long as I can get an idea of the length texture and type of hair in advance (pictures can be sufficient), more complex styles should be tried. If you are not sure please don’t hesitate to ask!

I appreciate that group bookings can be difficult to organise so I do hold additional availability for group trials.

I'm booking for a special occasion but I'm not a bride, do I need a trial?

Whether you want a trial for your hair or makeup is up to you, depending on whether you would like to see the look in advance or are happy to go with a look created on the day. This is the same whether you are booking for a mobile appointment or at the studio. When you book your appointment I will talk to you about your event, usual makeup style, outfit, and any other influences for your final look, to make sure I have a clear idea of what you are looking for and how long it will take so we can book your appointment for the right time. However just as I recommend for bridal party members - on the day there will always be a schedule you will want to keep to and stress to minimise, so if you aren’t sure what you’d like to go for or to avoid any surprises on the day a trial is always recommended!


Makeup and hair trials


Travel And Mobile

Travel, Venues and Distance
  • I am happy to travel to the venue of your choice for your bridal, mobile special occasion or group booking. All travel time and costs within a 20 mile radius of SO19 5 is covered by your booking. For distances over 20 miles there is a charge of 40p per mile to cover fuel costs. If your venue is over an hour each way in travel time please discuss before confirming your booking. If you are booking more than one artist we will always car share if possible to reduce travel costs, however depending on where additional artists are coming from there may be an additional travel fee for them.

  • I have public liability insurance which covers me for working away from home - however please check with your venue beforehand as some wedding venues in particular have specific rules regarding hair and makeup in their properties and I cannot be liable for any issue occurring from going against their rules.


Set Up When Working Mobile
  • If I am travelling to your venue for a wedding or group booking I will arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment start time in order to set up and be ready to begin on time.

  • Ideally natural light is preferred but I will bring a table top ring light and extension block with me, however please ensure there is a clear area with a chair to work from and access to a plug socket, along with either a table or surface to work from. For larger group bookings with multiple artists, a large area where we can all work together is preferred if possible. Please let me know in advance if you cannot provide a surface and I will bring a folding table, and ensure the area in question is clear so that I can set up and begin on time.