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Do's and Don'ts to get the best results from your makeup and hair!

If you're having your makeup or hair done for your wedding - or any special occasion - here's some of my top Do's and Don't to get the best out of your look. From when to get your spray tan done, to top tips for the day itself, read on to make sure you look flawless on the big day!

And although a lot these tips are written from a wedding day perspective they work for any big event.


DO – try any beauty treatments you’re thinking of for the big day at least once in advance, whether that’s a spray tan, lash lift, or lash extensions. It may seem like an extra cost, but you want to make sure you’re happy with how they look before you have them for the day itself. If you can have them in time for your trial, even better! It will also give you a chance to work out the best timeline to have them done before the wedding. With that in mind, though..

DON’T – get any beauty treatments the day before! Not only your lashes or tan, but beauty treatments like facials or waxing, or a hair treatment mask. Avoid anything that could have a potential reaction too close to the day to reduce the risk of a last minute disaster. Most treatments can easily be done 5 days beforehand and still be close enough to the day itself to be fresh. Facial waxing in particular should have several days for the skin to calm down – freshly waxed skin is often smoother and shinier than usual which can make it hard for your makeup to hold. If you are having a fake tan, test it at least once first so you know how to prepare your skin and how it will fade – two days beforehand should be fine, and at least gives you time to help rectify any accidental mishaps

DO – invest in your skin and hair to get the best from your big day. If you’re paying for hair and makeup, give yourself and your artist the best chance of achieving an amazing result on the day. Ask your makeup artist or beautician for skincare advice for a balancing and hydrating skincare routine, and get tips from your hairdresser on the best way to care for your hair. Dermaplaning is one example of a facial treatment that can make a big difference to how your makeup looks and lasts on your skin!

DON’T – whatever you do, steam your dress after hair and makeup! Your artists will make your look as long wearing as possible but there’s only so much it can stand up to hot water in the air. Your best option is to steam your outfits the night before, but if you absolutely can’t do it until the day make sure you do it before hair and makeup, and in a separate room to where you’re getting ready.

DO – enjoy the moment! Sitting down for your hair and makeup should be a chance to relax and enjoy being pampered, so put your phone down and take the time to chill, whether you’re the bride or part of the bridal party. If you’re the bride make sure you have someone in your group to delegate any questions to so you’re not interrupted during your turn in the chair, and make sure your other vendors know what time you will be having your hair or makeup done. Not only will this help you relax, but interruptions, turning to answer questions or chat to people, and even moving around to look at your phone can make it more difficult for your stylists to work. Give both of you the best chance to relax by just enjoying the experience.

DON’T – forget your chest and shoulders! If you are having a sleeveless, strapless or low cut dress and would like highlighter or body glow, don’t forget to let your makeup artist know. A subtle sheen on the skin can look amazing and really set off your dress. Your wedding morning outfit should be something that you can take off without going over your head – either a button/zip up top or something strappy you can step out of – so getting those shoulders and collarbones is easy!

DO – look after your makeup and hair on the day! Once you’ve had your time in the chair, try to be mindful of things like where you are sitting, or how many times you’re touching your hair and face. Whilst your stylist doesn’t expect you to just sit like a statue after your appointment you’d be surprised how many people end up squashing their hair against the back of a sofa, rubbing their face or just continually moving their hair around! If you know you’re prone to a fidget, ask to go later in the schedule if you can. Getting all your important tasks out of the way before makeup and hair also means you should just be able to relax, get dressed, and get ready to party – just no lying down on that sofa for a nap 😉

DON’T – worry if you cry once your makeup is done! Everyone deserves a happy tear or two on the big day. Plan any big emotional moments – like sharing gifts or letters – well before your makeup and hair so you have time to get over any puffy eyes or red noses, but those first looks and last minute tears won’t ruin your day. Most artists will use waterproof mascara and spray to set your look – my top tip is just to lightly dab the corners of your eyes to catch any tears. Dot and blot - don’t wipe - but don’t let stress over tears ruin the moment!

DO – feel beautiful, enjoy your day, and own it! No matter what look you choose for your makeup and hair, the best part of your look is always going to be your smile, so don’t forget it!


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