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Q&A with Lauren O

Favourite products, what I love about makeup, best bridal morning memories - just a little Q&A on all things makeup, beauty, and Lauren O MUA! These questions all came from an 'Ask Me Anything' I posted on Instagram - I will do a 'part 2' with some of the other questions later.


What are your favourite makeup products or brands?

There are two things I always look for in a product - it has to be cruelty free and it has to do what it says on the tin! My kit is a mixture of more affordable and high end products because I tend to look at things like ingredients, colour, texture and longevity rather than a brand name. Coming from a theatre background nothing has nice packaging or a cute shade name, it just has to do its job and do it really well. That said I am still a sucker for a pretty box! Too Faced and Colour Pop are two of my favourite brands that work well but still look gorgeous on your dressing table. I also like Revolution Pro, NYX and Morphe for more affordable but really good products. For hair I love Lee Stafford, Umberto Gianni and Mark Hill and the bonus is most of their packaging is pink!

What's your favourite makeup trend?

I don't really do specific trends so much as I like mixing up different looks and colours for the seasons. Makeup isn't meant to be cookie cutter, there is no such thing is one size fits all, so if you stick too rigidly to fashion trends can fall in to the trap of following a look that doesn't suit you - even if you don't realise it til you look back later! One of the brands I used to work for had a great motto which was 'own your pretty' which is about loving your own style and not trying to make yourself into something you're not. If you like following trends there's nothing wrong with that, just do it because you love it. I do love using different colours depending on the season though so I'm really looking forward to autumn and winter - it's the only time I wear a bold or vampy lip!

What's a wedding morning with you like?

It's such an honour to be chosen to be part of someone's big day - at the end of the day you're going to be looking back on your photos and memories for years to come, and looking and feeling beautiful is going to mean a lot. I like to think I treat all my clients like I would a friend, but especially on a wedding morning you want to be feeling relaxed, happy, and having a bit of fun. I want everyone to feel really comfortable so if that means singing along with your Disney sing-alongs playlist, or just letting you chill out, I'm your girl! I have been known to crack the old terrible dad joke or two to help lighten the mood when brides have got a bit emotional. At the end of the day I'll have scheduled and organised everything within an inch of its life so you just get to relax and be pampered and be confident that you're going to walk down the aisle looking and feeling like the best version of yourself.

What's your best tip for making makeup last?

Like so many things it comes down to preparation and product - making sure you've chosen the right products for your skin type, the situation you are in, whether you're going to be somewhere hot, or or windy or out in the sun. Makeup only stays perfect in perfect conditions so you've got to work with tricking it into thinking everything is - whether that's using oil control products, hydrating dry skin, using an eye primer... and I always use a setting spray.

What makeup trend do you regret participating in/the worst product you've bought?

This is a two-for-one situation because it was something I wore because *everyone* wore it back then, and it's also one of the worst products ever: Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick. If you know, you know....


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